Housing Developers

  • Easy installation

  • Meet EPC requirements

  • Reduced cost compared with gas boilers

  • Flexible project programming

  • Cooling in hot weather

Easy Installation

In a house built to modern standards, our air source heat pumps are the obvious solution to integrate with a traditional wet heating system your clients will love

Meet EPC Requirements

Getting your new build to comply with EPC standards is now simple.With space heating being the biggest factor, providing this with renewable technology is an instant win

Reduced Cost

We can arrange the installation of each system at a lower cost than a gas boiler. Your buyers get cheap, renewable heating, and you get extra profit

Flexible Project Programming

We're experienced builders ourselves, and know that not everything goes to plan. We can flex around your delivery schedule to take those stress points away

Cooling In Hot Weather

Although well insulated houses save huge amount of energy and carbon emissions, they can get very hot in the summer.  Heat pump offer the possibility of cooling and can be used effectively in conjunction with solar PV 

The last stages of construction on a housing project can often be the most stressful. Everyone wants it finished yesterday, but tradesmen become like hen's teeth.

Michael Benfield, Director